Tuesday, October 13, 2009

By the way….

Wendy Ann 2 finally has the first two of her total complement of six cowl vents.

Unlike the other four which are much larger and still waiting for repair- these ones are not original, we found them and haggled like fuck in a junk shop a couple of years ago. As you may be able to tell I’ve fitted them to the generator room deck at the stern, where they’re providing just the right amount of ventilation to that lovely big generator rumbling away below.
They need a fresh coat of the right red paint inside, and a serious belt with some brasso on a regular basis, but they’re already doing what they were designed for which is the important bit.
Now I’m dying to get the others repaired and installed, as I’ve got a bit of a thing for cowl vents, they always make any vessel look like it’s Time for Teletubbies.


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