Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Broken Things part 1.

Here’s a picture of our gangplank, which this week is vying with the toilet for top spot on the chart of really annoying broken stuff. Funnily enough I’m quite happy to live with a broken toilet, at least we have a temporary alternative. When I say ‘quite happy’ I actually mean am able to tolerate. The alternative to this load of bollocks can be seen on the top right of the picture. Yes, we are tight-roping our way across the chasm of certain mud every day on two 6x2” planks, loosely bound together with a couple of second hand screws. What a shambles. As if that weren’t fun enough it has suddenly turned very frosty indeed so walking the planks has become shall we say um, a little exhilarating in the mornings.
As you can see from the picture I was so disgruntled at storm Angus’ handiwork that I’ve just abandoned the wreckage where it landed. In my defence it is/was quite heavy, but it has to go as it’s bringing down the tone of the neighborhood and attracting the wrong sort of crowd. 
Obviously I’ve got to fix this, and before too long. The two planks near-death-experience arrangement will not survive the next spring tides without near constant mothering, so that’s less than a week. Oh goody.
This was Thing 2 of gangplank/staging construction, and somewhere waaay back in this blog I’ve written about making it in the first place. I don’t know if you remember but Thing 1 was completely total rubbish and just floated away on a surprise tide when I wasn’t looking. This one was never really meant to be a long term thing, cobbled together out of scrap timber so I’m amazed it’s survived something daft like five years. 

But its all over bar the bonfire now, I suppose the wager is, in three weeks time will Seb and Becky still be tottering across this deeply unsatisfactory arrangement? Will either of us have fallen in, and if so how many times? And to what extent will I have managed to have begun construction of an adequate replacement?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walking the plank is so piratical - you two have all the fun!


10:01 am  
Blogger RestlessinFrance said...

If you continue to fall in .. i.e. to fall in love and stay in love when riding the tides on WA2 with or without the gangplank, then you are both doing well and very well and your dear Mumsie is oh so proud.
I didn't quite appreciate that we happened to have lunch together about the same day that you recommenced writing the blog, though you did tell me it was being restarted. I was looking forward to reading about tales aboard!
Clearing the clutter is a fine thing to do especially when one finds lost items and realises oh so many things including the lengthening of the TODO list!
Clearing the detritus (or not) of daily living is motivating and I guess you both are going to need new energies for the excitements that surely 2017 will bring! So out with the clutter and the dust! Hope that what I am saying is not out of order! I am truly happy that you have regained opportunity and optimism with the outlet of writing... it's such a wonderful gift!
Madre x

7:29 pm  

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