Monday, October 11, 2010

Devils and Details, part 1.

I had to do something with the boat davits, as the last time they were used was when I had our big generator delivered by boat last summer, and stubbing my toes on them as they laid awkwardly on the deck ever since then was getting really boring.
After much headscratching about where best to put them permanently we decided the only sensible spot was either side of the engine room hatch/skylight, where they might one day be vaguely useful.

Here’s a picture of them in position, with their new bosses that I made from tube and 8mm plate welded nicely in, all with low hydrogen rods so they should be good and strong.
Wish I’d pinged the bloody slag off the welds before I took the first picture though, as i was really pleased with how they came out.


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