Thursday, July 08, 2010

Radiate Everything You Are.

I’m just waiting for Captain Cautious to keelhaul me for this one.

Love it or hate it, this is a minor personal alteration that I’ve wanted to make for ages, and indeed with its sea-pup theme was originally planned for around the launch of our tug last year but things got a bit, hmmm, messed up so it had to wait until the time seemed right.
After being so pissed off about broken windows and all that I decided, well, now the time just seemed right- I suppose in a funny way it was about getting the episode out of my system. So yesterday I toddled along to New School Tattoos and enjoyed a brief moment of mild pain with the aim of doing myself up. A rather cool lady tattooist called Naomi made sure that my hands changed forever, just the way I wanted.

Tuesday was Becky’s birthday and Saturday will be mine, so this weekend we’re off to the boat with a few dear friends to celebrate being twelve again. We’re not going to do a stroke of work, which is something I may or may not find difficult depending on how many bottles of bubbles we manage to get through. Instead the plan is to enjoy just being there, take in Littlehampton Carnival, and fly kites on the beach before barbequeing something tasty for tea. Can’t wait.


Blogger Sweetpea in France said...

You naughty boy! Madre x

7:03 pm  
Blogger IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Thanks mum.

8:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes you are a very very naughty naughty boy! Ha!
I am only your mother and you have your own life. I can reprimand you but of what use is that?

Celebrate your life and your good health and when people get angry with you carry on and smile!
None os us are perfect and we can only receive and deal with challenges as they arrive.

Whisper to be loved but shout (which I have done from time to time) and push your loved ones away.
There is a Buddhist story which I shall send to you.

Why Swallows?

6:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain cautious here,decorating oneself has long been a habit of seamen.usually young first trippers who return from a run ashore with MUM proudly displayed on bicep,or a girls name which may as well be put on with velcro for the length of time in will be in vogue.serpents emerging or disappearing into an orifice were always good to liven up an office party after leaving the sea!!But swallows?? I have consulted mystic meg,herself no stranger to the tattoo parlour!!!And arrived at the conclusion,Blackwater fever, I perscribe two doses of the black draught.As for the other sinners,let us say the cat should be out of the bag!!I have also signed a ships stores chit for a pair of gloves which will of course be stopped from your pay.

11:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain cautious again.Bye the way, nice deck head!!And to show my careing soft old captains side,you can have the gloves on the company.

11:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When all is in a state of flux,keep calm and get trolleyed!!Happy Birthday Sea Pup,From Captain Cautious.
But beware of the roaring forties the morning after!!

5:57 pm  
Blogger IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Aye Aye Cap'n C

You knows it.
I quite like the serpent idea.

I'll just take myself off to swab the deck then.... with my new gloves on, yo ho.

8:34 pm  

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