Thursday, July 08, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On.

As promised, here’s a (bit blurred, sorry) snap or two of that oak ceiling, the one that I decided the installation of which would cheer me up. It worked. The wheelhouse ceiling is now 99.9% complete, requiring just the final cut pieces on each side, some beading and the teak ‘false’ purlin covers (that I’ve already made) to finish off. Oh, and a couple coats of finishing oil too.
I bought myself a cheap 240v nailer to do this from screwfix to help speed up the secret nailing process, and it behaved immaculately throughout, which makes a nice change.
This is what I love about wood- the material that this ceiling is made of started out looking like a load of old shit that was destined for the bonfire, and all it took was a bunch of work to end up with a ceiling that even in my humble opinion, looks a million dollar.
I am obviously rather chuffed with the results, and feel all the effort was rather worth it. By Christ I’m glad I hand sanded the stuff before I put it up though, as it was I spent the weekend wondering if they sell flip top heads in screwfix too…


Anonymous melissa said...

beautiful work!!

4:02 pm  
Blogger Sweetpea in France said...

Yes ... keep calm ... carry on ... what goes around comes around... we all have precious possessions in our lives and in our hearts and minds but the most precious gift is life and you have not been endangered.
It is all we can ever do .. keep calm... carry on ... do what we can do to make a difference to our lives .. be kind .. if you get angry to fight anger it will not work... be like the Good Samaritan ... always help when even those around us are angry .. we can do it though it takes deep depths.
Good luck.
Madre x

7:11 pm  
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