Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thing 2.

Do you remember me posting about Thing one, my wooden access ramp and staging that I constructed last summer? Well, perhaps calling it thing one was an ill portent because recently I turned up to the boat with a car boot full of heavy stuff and the buggering thing had disappeared, gone! I can only surmise that the combination of a very high spring tide and some gusty weather took it away and (hopefully) out to sea, as there have been no sightings of it since. At least it’s (hopefully) not floating up and down the harbour endangering the fishing vessels but for a few weeks the hole left by its absence has made gaining access to Wendy Ann 2 interesting to say the least, as I was back to just a shitty ladder for a while. Thing one was heftily bolted to the old wharf where Wendy lies, but clearly the old wharf was more rotten than I thought as a chunk of that has gone too. At least the bolts didn’t snap I suppose.

Me and de leathermann Jan hatched a plan to build a new access staging last weekend, in preparation for the big trip I was planning with Becky, of which more next. I decided that whatever we built should be significantly less likely to float, as I really don’t fancy having to build thing three, but you never know. This is why thing two stands on scaffold poles hammered four feet into the ground.
So, without further ado here are some pictures of what me and Jan got up to. Yes, they are the ones I took on that ridiculous new phone of mine. No, they do not really show it to its best advantage, but that’s life.

If by any chance you live in Littlehampton and have seen my original staging, please don’t tell anyone.


Blogger Janys said...

As "things" go, that looks bl.... amazing actually!! But they do say here that you "don't get two without a three"... but I will keep that to myself. But by number three (ssshhhhh) you would be able to build a replica of the Forth Bridge with your newly acquired skills in thingy-making!

6:57 am  
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