Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One Small Step.

…or to be more precise, nine small steps (plus spares). Here are some pictures of our newly blasted and primed spiral stair components, brilliantly done by A1 Powder Coatings just over the river Itchen. They did an immaculate job at a very reasonable price and we are over the moon at the results, the level of crisp detail that’s been brought up is just incredible and the paint job is perfectly even. Isn’t it great when someone does a good job?
So now she’s a ready to go- we’ve got the new solid steel pole around which to assemble the stair, and after reaming the treads out things should hopefully go together a dream. However this magic day must wait until the forward compartment is painted, because it’ll get in the way of men with airless sprays if it’s already fitted. Fortuitous then, because that day’s not far away.
We’ve had the paint estimators come see us last Sunday morning, they should be getting back to us within a couple of days with no doubt a frankly scary figure. Becky’s got some holiday which she’s decided to actually accept this time and I’ve taken more time away from the building site to match- so next week, we’ll both be at the boat for the entire week including the weekends either side! Hurrah and here comes a huge push to get through the still alarmingly long snagging list in the forward third of the boat, before solvent ragging all the steel down and sealing the compartments to exclude ingress of even the merest speck of dust. The painting will be expensive, but it’d better be done right. Watch this space.


Blogger Worrals said...

That staircase is the most fantastic thing. I used to go into a dreamlike state on the spiral stairs in the Palm House at Kew. "Our" boat (it's not ours yet) has spiral stairs but they are wooden and much more boring than this.
In answer to your question we are based in Nottingham and are trying to buy a barge. It has already been converted but has fallen into serious disrepair.

12:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggestion: point readers in the direction of your blog so that they can see, read and compare the cleaned stair treads with the uncleaned same. Ma in France

9:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think this warrants a feature in Grand Designs


9:24 am  
Blogger Dee said...

Hello, just reminding you i have loads of Wendy Ann tug photos and 'odds and sods'. I've posted comments twice before but so far no response received. My grand-father was Harry Rose.

6:40 am  
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