Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stolen from Mother.

Anyway, I finally got the bosun’s store bilges as clean as I possibly could before giving up, and throwing my toys out of the pram with a small whimper of exhaustion. So now this compartment too is ready for replating, or at least as ready as it’ll ever be, dammit. There’s no more scale, or bitumen, or for that matter any other foreign garbage clinging to those frames, which is a blessed relief. To illustrate this small victory I’m including some pictures taken by my mum during her recent visit, which may help to explain why this sort of work has begun to make me utter some very naughty curse words, the kind one never really should in the presence of one’s own mother.
So, this weekend B will be joining me for the Saturday (I can swear all I like in front of her), and we’re going to do something a bit different, I’m feeling better already. B hasn’t seen our little vessel since we were scrabbling to get her ready for paint (the boat, not Becky), and so should at least be in for a nice surprise. This is the main thing I’m excited about, seeing her reaction. Sometimes it gets a bit lonely bashing away on my own, so it’ll be nice to share the continuing delirium for a change, and share we shall- I’ve got the pleasure of B’s company for a whole month of Saturdays, AND at least one Sunday too, all the way through February- yessss!


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