Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Absolutely nothing to do with boats, pt 2.

One more and then I promise we can get back to the dreary and slow moving story of the interminable restoration of Wendy Ann 2.

I’d like to introduce you to these guys, who are the winners of my new Favourite Band in the Universe Ever Award.

Yes folks, it’s the utterly brilliant Gogol Bordello.
If you’ve never heard of them then you’ve absolutely no idea what a great thing you are missing, an oversight which I believe you should rectify immediately. I urge, no beseech you to go out, buy one of their albums (gypsy punks-underdog world strike is my current favourite), pour yourself a drink or four and then turn your sound system up to eleven so you can educate your neighbours of their brilliance too.
Pure joyful chaos, utter mayhem and the most infectious noise I’ve ever heard in my entire life. So much so that I took B and Jan to see them play Hammersmith Apollo last weekend, and behold, they rocked.

Right, now some more boring stuff about people wearing overalls.