Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Stink of success.

What are we doing? In a belt and braces style we’ve just completed the rollering on of an additional two good coats of intershield over the whole deck and superstructure… Well, we had the paint anyway, and although SBS had left very few holidays after their spray job we thought it’d be good to thicken the whole lot up at the same time as catching the missed bits, Steve (from SBS) looked mightily amused by me when he found out what we were doing, and offered to bring his dry film thickness measuring contraption round in order to demonstrate just how good a job his boys had done, but then admitted it certainly wouldn’t hurt on the exterior, so we gaily rolled away. Next stop, top coats (!)

This is all getting a bit good really, and I swear to you it’s not just the paint fumes talking- although judging by that inane expression I’m wearing in the first photo (cheers Jan) I probably should have worn a mask- but I’m again feeling right good about the whole project. I know Robin might beg to differ at this point, having finally decided that he really, really detests welding up rivets. And no matter that Wendy Ann’s stern is still very much a work in progress; I’m just all excited and manic about the whole damn thing. This is a much-improved state of being compared to my usual sweary attitude, so for now everything at least seems rosy (or silvery, or something.)

But why start doing all this when the last bit of the boat is still, well, holey? If we can get the topcoats on the superstructure inside and out- the portholes can go back in for a start, and for seconds then the wheelhouse can finally be bolted back down and all its windows and doors reinstated, and for thirds various other good things can happen. None of which involve angle grinders or metal preparation. Becky has long ago, and quite understandably developed quite an aversion to angle grinders, so the theory at least is to make ready for B to have a hands on role to play over the coming months, which should free me up at least some of the time to get involved again in the steelwork with Robin at the stern. There’s certainly a hell of a lot to do so I need all the help I can get, I mean, do I LOOK like a spider? No I don’t- any possible way to make progress really properly efficient has to be the way to go from now on I reckon, so thank christ for friends like Emma and Jan de mann, both of whom played a large part in helping us get all this extra paint on so quickly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning guys.
Pls.could you contact me
as I have some photos that connect my tug to yours.
In a very strange way......

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