Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That's a Wrap.

The white exterior of the superstructure is painted. It only took five coats for me to be satisfied with the depth of finish. Taking advantage of a hiatus in dusty steelwork at the stern we did laps of the thing with a roller and brush in each hand, and kept going until I was really, really bored, by which point I'd developed a mean eye for drips and an accompanying deft sort of brush lay off technique to deal with them as they formed. Despite my best efforts I'd just keep finding them, quietly forming under any corner or protrusion like shy white slugs. I think the interlac's quite a thin paint, the inside of the vessel is knobbly with many rivets, and I'm infamously not an expert decorator, although I must say I'm surprising myself. The white interior is also progressing nicely, we're up to four coats in the forward bit (one to go), and a mere three so far inside the engine room. Goes almost without saying we're only painting what's destined to remain visible after a lineout (so far in the future you'd need a decent set of tarot cards to imagine it.)
So now the gorgeous results languish under protective polythene, in anticipation of the return of the inevitable dust, and I'm hoping to finish the interior this weekend. It'll probably take weeks to get the paint out of my left ear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! Madre x

9:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go team!!! Ms Wendy is looking great. Big hugs from us(and a sloppy kiss from Alex) Jamie and Catt XX

11:01 pm  
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Blogger steve said...

My wife and i have loved following your adventures and have been inspired by you and a couple of others to start our own boat blog. We don't have quite as much to do as you do, very impressed with how much you've done! We're at http://boatsareforlosers.blogspot.com/


1:22 pm  
Blogger Jamie said...

Ooooh, how lovely she looks!

1:40 am  

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