Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Half-a-job Seb.

Oughta make my Mark smile, seeing as that’s what he was so fond of calling me during the cabin construction, and proof that sometimes I definitely do do things by halves, even if it’s only by necessity.
So I just worked a six and a half day week, finishing up a job that I’d organised privately on Sunday lunchtime by promising meself that should I complete the job to customer satisfaction in time- I’d reward myself with a flying visit to the iron lady. In order to justify a mere two hours on board I decided a tiny small target was in order, followed by a good hour at least of mooning about the place wondering why my back hurts so much.
So I screwed three of these things to the oak deckhead in the wheelhouse. They’re part of a collection of boaty bulkhead lights that we’ve built up over the years and I’ve converted them to 12v halogen fittings.
Here’s the half measure bit, as you can see I didn’t actually get as far as the important part of the task, hooking them up to their circuit. Ah well, even more stuff for the bloody list.