Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ha ha!

Guess what?
We’ve officially delayed the launch. Again.
So Bzzrrrrp.

I feel much, much saner now that I’ve fallen off that particular fence.
For a start, I’ve decided to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks- boat not ready equals so bloody what? I’ve never done this before, and am therefore entitled to be completely wrong. Sorry if I you got all excited and that by my naïve hopes but.., Three years (scratch that, nearly four years) have elapsed and we’ve sacrificed too much cash and sweat that I’m damned if we’ll throw the baby out with the bathwater now. The vessel is safer (albeit drier- not necessarily a bad thing) with the devil we know for the winter, and we want to finish this properly. That means completing things, not fudging them for the sake of desperation. So. Me finish woodwork. Me put roof on cabin. Me weld up hook and sort out mast. Me do much more other stuff. Me have time occasionally for long lie down with feet up and bubbles coming out of my ears going ‘burbleburbleburble’. Yarp. Here comes winter.

Never mind; as a consolation prize, Here’s some pictures of the most recent dog-tired drives to get things done. My thanks to B, Jan, Mark and my father for helping me to see sense.

Whilst installing the spiral staircase last weekend we found ourselves unable to resist the temptation to indulge in a little light pole-dancing. It started out well, but then went rapidly downhill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUN ... and well done! Madre

7:14 pm  
Blogger Tim Zim said...

Do you have a new launch date yet?

2:06 pm  

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