Thursday, July 31, 2008


After a month of weekends where our attention has been required elsewhere (Employer got married, B turned thirty, and I went for an extremely long overnight bicycle ride with some friends) we finally got to do something sorely long awaited last weekend. We turned up at the boat and after throwing off the dust sheets we plugged the pressure washer in and hosed everything down to remove all the filthy black dust, a remnant from grit blasting which inevitably got past our aforementioned defences. It was a fuck sight quicker than using a hoover, and Becky made up a silly song that went along the lines of "I feel yachty, oh so yachty, I do" in honour of the strange sight of us doing something recognisably boaty to our vessel for a change. In a matter of moments it seemed like everything we’ve battled to achieve was finally revealed to us- a glorious, silver and white vessel, all the way from stem to stern (except for the anchor winch, I really must do something about that this weekend.)

My girlfriend is clearly mad, not only does she somehow put up with me most of the time, but also as soon as I’d done with pressure washing the topsides she grabbed the machine off me and spent the next three hours cleaning up the entire floor of our boathouse- her explanation was a reasonable one, that she didn’t want me walking filth back onto the deck, but I know that secretly she’s just as sick of all the bloody dirt as I’ve been and all that stable manager stuff has therefore left her with a weird compulsion to hose things down.

It’s a shame I can’t bring myself to use the pressure washer inside the boat as well because it’s dusty as hell inside too and it’s taking ages with a bucket and sponge- on the other hand, someone did suggest filling her up with water to see if she leaks, and I’m sure I’ve got a pump somewhere…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 1st 2008
It's so exciting to see you guys back "en forme" and "down at the boat" and singing and hosing and you are happy!!! And oh so squeaky silver clean! The neighbours do look very interesting! How weird that they have arrived when you will soon be moving out! Take care and congratulations!! Madre xxxx

7:44 am  
Blogger Andrew Tognola said...

The Wendy Ann is looking so good you won't want to take her outside in all that nasty weather.


8:06 pm  
Blogger tofu said...

dear sir,

holy fuck. apologies, i had no idea this blog existed! fascinating, witty, sad and hilarious at once!

i love you! (even though you look like you've aged at least 15 years, (where was that young man i knew?))

kudos, congratulations, and felicitations.

sincerely all the best,


5:14 am  

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