Sunday, May 11, 2008

Never mind the Bulwarks.

Here’s the new decks pistols, clearly it’s been a reasonably busy weekend. Larry has a habit of turning up for work earlier and earlier, this is a pattern of behaviour which I’m more than happy to cultivate- so Saturday morning there we were having coffee and discussing my latest plans at 6.50am. And after Larry finished for the day I got carried away and was slapping rustroy (rust converting primer- it gets you high even through decent respirators) about inside the extreme stern plates and frames at well beyond 8 in the evening. I did this only in order to prepare for the deck plates to finally go on today. Sort of like a last chance effort. Beer never tasted so good as it did last night when I finally got done and showered.

Slept with the blowers on and all the tents available vents open, hell, I even cut a couple of new ones- in an attempt at avoiding having to sleep in a glue sniffers paradise. The fan is quite a noisy machine, so I didn’t get too much decent repose, every time I woke up I thought I was stuck inside a very strange wind tunnel experiment. And I still awoke in the morning with a stinking groggy headache that I promise had absolutely nothing to do with beer. Then Larry arrived at 0630hrs. Luckily I’d made some proper coffee and had a good wander round the shipyard in the gorgeous early morning sunshine already. So today we rocked even more. This weekend a total of eight plates have been added to the rapidly developing topsides of the glorious ms Ann, and I stopped working on the ninth only because I have to go to sea with Storebror tomorrow evening for two days, and then Wendy beckons again before I zoom back to Epsom for another days work- so tonight is my only opportunity to see B for the rest of the week… This is a plan for my week that I’m not exactly wild about, but that’s the way our life is for now I s’pose.
Still, it’s really not long now until the painters’ll be in again and therefore all the steelwork will be done. Cor. The spin off from all this manic activity is that I’m learning so much so fast that I’m beginning to dream I could actually build another boat (with some help) from the keel up, at least it wouldn’t be a rusty boat.

PS. In reference to the last comment, the four hundred quid or so I spent on that little orange Kempii welding set is the best money I've invested for a long, long while, it's a good thing I'm finally getting the hang of welding properly innit.


Blogger andrew lucking said...

Damn those plates look heavy. And they look perfectly cut - what's the secret? ;-)

p.s. brilliant title for the post

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