Monday, June 09, 2008

Scrapping Wendy Ann II- The Sequel.

Featuring Becky Hewlett…

The weekend before last we were at it again, disposing of all our scrap. Fortunately this was the last time we absolutely knew we needed a skip to throw bits of our fine vessel into. Over the course of the bank holiday my dear (and, frankly, well ‘ard) Becky collected and removed Four Ton Three Hundred And Twenty kilo of mangled steel that was strewn around the now largely complete Wendy Ann 2. She did all this while I chased Larry madly around the aft deck, frantically trying to get the last structural bits of steelwork done before Becky accidentally chucked them, and us, in the skip too. EMR provided the aforementioned skip, and frankly you’d find it hard to believe what they currently pay on a ton of scrap steel. Are you sitting down? Only £170. Holy fuck, that’s over double what they paid less than a year ago. Jim, the EMR rep- summed the reason up succinctly (again) with the word ‘China’. Apparently the tiger economies demand for our rubbish old metal is even more insatiable than ever. By way of response I told him he’s probably in the right business then, which elicited a wry smile. I on the other hand have decided that I like the Chinese very very much, even more than I like their dim sum, and when B wasn’t looking I quietly assessed the scrap value of our new, old boat. Luckily the results of my calculation did not warrant my warming up the cutting gear. On Wednesday the cashier at EMR rewarded B’s efforts by presenting me with a rather large wad of used notes, a transaction which (unusually for a boat owner) gave me a nice financial surprise. Considering the range of dubious looking characters queuing up close behind me at the cashiers desk when this wodge of money was slightly too publicly shoved into my greasy mittens, you can probably understand why the bit of my brain that deals with paranoia was doing strange somersaults as I hurriedly scuttled out of the scrapyard. Do a little bit of maths if you just have to know how lit up my paranoia lobe really was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shame about that coloured item going into the skip... it looks like an expensive artform and could have been a feature on the living room wall once WA II gets kitted out!!! Can't wait for the water test and just hope I can be there! Madre! xx

11:56 pm  
Blogger Tim Zim said...

Good job Becky!

I bet some of that cash went on beer to slake the big thirst you guys must have built up.

9:25 am  
Anonymous melissa said...

Nice one! We discovered the value of scrap metal after saving up all of our old copper piping (of which we had tons after ripping out the convoluted and crazy old system) and hauling it down the road. We had a nice dinner compliments of copper that night. Though by the looks of it, you could have a holiday on your scrap!

2:06 pm  
Anonymous henry said...

Nice to see that you have allmost completed repairs on the hull but i hate to see that you have cut away the propeller, you should have repaired/replaced the propeller, shaft, bearings etc. so you could motorize her again one day.

1:21 am  
Blogger IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Thanks for your comments guys, Henry- believe me it broke my heart to cut my vessels prop off. It all boils down to money I'm afraid, we've worked our bollocks off to afford rebuilding the hull and to service/replace the shaft, seals, prop etc was too much to afford. The Blanking plate that now covers our stern tube is constructed in such a way that if we ever do find the money for a re-engining project then the vessel can be beached or lifted and the cover removed. Then we could remove the exising shaft and do the aforementioned work. It's a compromise. A practical decision taken in order to get us in the water sometime this century.

9:44 am  
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