Friday, December 05, 2008


Part the first.

Becky has just had her operation, and is therefore laid up (all went well thankfully). She is so crabby and bored already that she's started going through the league of photographic records that currently clutter up our hard drive; and defining where they should actually be filed in real life if it weren't for the influence of me. When she's discovered one out of place I know about it because I experience ample botheration and earache. Anyway, from this noisy process gems are already appearing, so maybe headaches aren't so bad really. For example this photo here published. Maybe this should be the start of a daft series, a pre-emptive retrospective like. Here's Jan and I (without hair)- Love ja baby....


Blogger bowiechick said...

In addition to all the work on the Wendy Ann itself will be this journal you've also both created - photos and all. This too is a whole other creative entity. Nice work on the wheelhouse and your two mugs. Get well Beck! Don't get too shack-whacky.

4:24 pm  

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