Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flooring it.

Here’s the results of another fairly exhausted Saturday at Ms Ann. I’ve been meaning to put this little raised floor in the forward accommodation down for, like, ages. It’s made from leftovers of the thick pine T&G that went into the bedroom as I discovered that if I was super careful in my cutting I’d have just enough. For those that want to know, the central portion lifts out to allow access to the bilge and the sides are fixed down with some fat recessed bronze bolts through a damp proof membrane to the steel bearers beneath. I still have to make and fit the nosing so I’m afraid this is another unfinished job. Actually, let’s just apply that phrase to the entire vessel and have done with it shall we?
On the subject of careful cutting, there was inevitably a bunch of smaller offcuts left when the job was done, which fed the stove that evening and kept me and the new floor nice and toasty all night. After a glass (ok, three) of warmed wine this struck me as having a marvellous symmetry. Things are going well, but I keep running out of wine.


Blogger SweetpeainFrance said...

Are you able to mull wine or ale on top of that little 'eater?
The problem with projects is that they seem like a good idea and one thinks "I'll just do this... " and then one discovers that that needs doing! Time disappears and so the job has to be left! Still, there is no chance of you ever getting bored and the project will exist to entertain you for many a year yet! Great that you have warmth and a heart to Wendy Ann 2.

5:20 pm  
Blogger IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

mother dear,
I do not hold with warm suds, which are for beardy types who prefer to wear a sandal and possibly knit their own muesli too. I shall however inform you of the result of the great egg and bacon experiment in due course, ie when I remember to buy some eggs. Easter is coming, two thousand years ago they nailed a decent man to a tree, and I shall be marking the occasion with a good fry up..

5:48 pm  

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