Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The other Other Lady's Bow.

Is happening. These pictures, taken last week show the situation. We made a jig, built the hull bottom and stem on it, bent the (12mm- eeek!) chine plates into position, cut the jig off, and now the hull side frames have been bent in pairs and are in place. There's a temporary internal structure evident in this pic, which was taken during the centring and squaring process. I'm pleased to say that the whole thing is now set, bang on plus/minus just 2.5mm across the centreline, which is cool. This week we've moved onto deck beam knees and stringers, and then we'll be able to plate the thing. Oh, and the cambered deck beams themselves have just arrived. Phew.

God. I love my job.


Blogger Bill K said...

It look's like a tight fit for welding the hull plates on.

Looking Good :))

Bill Kelleher

12:32 pm  
Anonymous SweetpeainFrance said...

Yes it looks to me a veritable landlubber like a boaty thing now! WELLDONE! Weld on!

9:23 pm  

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