Monday, August 18, 2008

The News.

And now Here is the News at Nine, BONG…

Slack Jawed Staff at Saxon wharf as Seb makes Startling Statement Shocker!

Staff at the shipyard found themselves frozen in the act of taking mouthfuls from their lunchtime sarnies last week as Seb chose the wrong time to have a meeting regarding the relaunch of Wendy Ann 2. Eyewitnesses said that Ron, the yard foreman, dropped his chocolate biscuits and was so overcome with the giddies that he had to have a sit down. The tea went cold and diaries were drawn on both sides of the table as complex plans and stupendous costs were discussed. After the summit Seb was reportedly seen wandering around the shipyard and muttering to himself in what confidantes have described as a ‘dazed and preoccupied state’

That’s right. After much deliberation on all sides I’ve got a date officially fixed and everything. Our Vessel will be lifted into the rolling hoist on the afternoon of Friday 12th September. She will remain suspended in the hoist over the weekend in order that we can get to the areas of the hull bottom currently occupied by blocks.
She will be launched into the Itchen River at 0800 on Mon 15th September. The damn thing had better bloody float else there’ll be trouble.

Obviously we’ve rather a lot to do before then, I shan’t bore you with the list, which is still long, but you can imagine that we’ll be extremely busy indeed. The date set is only a month away (!!) so I’m vascillating wildly between states of excitement and blind panic.

In other news this week, here is a picture of a porthole.

Now let’s take a look at the weather in your region.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wendy Ann's New Clothes.

I'm home for less than 24 hours, so in lieu of words here's some pictures of the paint program that's currently under way.

We've been busy.