Thursday, February 06, 2014

Currently Under Construction.

As usual, it's taking me a little longer than I thought to get everything ready to go. In my last post I promised you a new blog to look at. Now, I have actually built the new website, but it's not live on the internemaweb yet. This is because I'm running around daft trying to get all the other stuff sorted out too. So just to prove my promise is not an empty promise, here's a little teaser while I carry on running around in preparation.
I have taken on a new workshop space, down by the sea on the West Sussex coast, and am going to use everything that rebuilding Wendy taught me about wood and metal work to make amazing bespoke furniture and interior ware, much of it from the top quality reclaimed woods that I'm able to source. I also have a plan for some cool soft furnishings, and a range of craftsman made welded wood burning stoves is on the way too.
Expect a darker, more opulent vision of coastal living, less pastel blue and arbitrary life buoys in the bathroom, and far more rich hardwoods, elegant design and exotica from the captains cabin.
Of course, as soon as that website and blog hits the web, you guys'll be the first to know.