Friday, January 08, 2010

This is not a dead dog.

There has been a protracted radio silence on my part recently. I apologise to anyone who is expecting exciting updates on progress because this is not it, I must regrettably report that for one reason and another the big project is effectively mothballed at the moment. I can only hope the old girl is all right on her own for now.

Over the last couple of days I’ve wrangled long and hard with trying to find the right words to explain what we’re going through, and there are three much longer efforts at this post in my notebook, which is now a bit of a mess. In the end I’ve decided that there are some things I just don’t want to air in public, which is simpler all around.

So for anyone who thought it was looking too easy; here, between the lines, is the proof that in the end boats really can break people. Believe me it hurts, but I've got to put the past year behind me.

Reading this back I realise this may scan to an uninformed reader very much like the end.
I’d like to state categorically that it isn’t. We’ve just needed a little time to attend to some important aspects of being human beings, that’s all. I absolutely promise we will be back in full effect before too long.

I’d like to say a big huge Thank You to all readers who have left comments on this blog, well, since always- but particularly recently. It’s really good to know that out there some people are rooting for us, and I’m quite sorry I’ve not been able to respond properly. Your encouragement, feedback and even criticism is massively valued.