Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ooh Bugger, there goes me back.

I’m sorry to say that injury stopped play last weekend. Everything started out so well, but Saturday afternoon I was quite innocuously screwing bits of maple together in the bedroom when my back started loudly protesting its opposition to my own point of view. This in itself is nothing particularly unusual but it was enough to stop me for the day at least. The next morning however I got out of bed and, accompanied by searing pain, did a passable impression of a dying spider on the engine room floor. I discovered that I simply couldn’t stand up and walk at all, which made life a bit difficult as I was alone on board and I really needed a wee. I got to the lav in the end, but spent the rest of the long weekend doing absolutely nothing. Except for growling every now and then. Becky kindly came to my rescue and helped me to pack up and disembark, as by Monday there was little change in my predicament.
So, I apologise for the lack of anything exciting to report, believe me I’m twice as disappointed as you are. It’s mostly better now, I’ve been to see an osteopath which was an experience in itself, if he hadn’t have got me in a sort of an elaborate headlock at the time I think I may have actually punched him when he made my back crack the way he did. At least I could stand up a bit straighter afterward though so it’s possible that he knows what he’s doing.