Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy, back soon.

Although it may seem that way, it's not as if nothing's happening- au contraire. I'm completely rushed off my feet, just survived three days at Wendy, including tying up two dredger barges in the middle of Friday and Sunday night respectively, and me 'n Robin got loads done. Am on my way back to Southampton for four more days of graft early tomorrow morning. Things are going REALLY well, and I wish I had time and energy to blog it all up. But I don't. When this latest big effort is finished (or I catch up on some sleep, whichever comes sooner) I'll tell all, promise.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Scrapping Wendy Ann 2.

That’s right folks; I’m so sick of it all that I’ve made a radical decision and decided to cut her up for scrap in order to claw back some of the exorbitant financial losses.

Haha! April Fool!! Oh, I’ve just been told that apparently it’s August already. Damn.
What’s really happened is that I’ve had a good clearout of the tent that currently houses our fine little ship. I did this because it was getting hard to move without stumbling over lumps of scrap plate. And the place was starting to look a real shithole. We’ve been stockpiling the stuff we’re cutting out ever since we started two years ago, so understandably the place was becoming a mess.
I surprised myself by managing to chuck all of it into the skip (ok- Robin had to help with a couple of the larger bits) and it took under three hours. My back didn’t even hurt much at all the next day, honest.
I called up EMR- the scrap merchants, the following monday to discover that my efforts weighed in at 2ton, 640kilo’s and thus had earned us the sum of £211.20. If only new steel was as cheap as this, but it’s quite incredible to learn that those pesky Chinese developers and their insatiable demand for steel has pushed up the scrap price this far- at the present EMR are paying £80 per ton. Of course the same market force is at work on new steel, later on the same day Robin and I dragged the new plates that are destined for Wendy’s bottom at midships into the tent. Six and a half 8mm plates (three of which have been folded along their length to follow the shape of the keelson) Have rolled in to the wendy house with an invoice charging just under a grand. Together they weigh just less than one ton.