Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make Dust while the Sun Shines.

This Easter, blessed with the sort of weather usually reserved for our more traditional ten day long british summer, y’know the one, hammered blue sky, baking sunshine and a light breeze from dawn ‘til dusk; we decided to make the most of it. I wish I’d had the sense to take a ‘before’ pic of this because our wheelhouse and cabin, which we launched with a heavily oiled finish- had gone almost black over the last two years. It seems the oil just couldn’t keep up with the harsh coastal climate. No surprise there. We decided to yacht varnish the thing, but then discovered some super dooper penetrating oily varnish product that seemed just right and bought that instead. It’s made by some SA firm I’d never heard of and is supposed to be good for boats, picture of tin coming soon.
It only took three solid days of hard sanding before we were actually ready to open the aforementioned tin though. And now everyone’s elbows hurt. On the plus side we did balance the working bit quite neatly with being a bunch of total beach bums, naffing off to the west beach for a swim every time we felt too burnt/dusty, and wearing an impressive array of silly hats to keep the slaphead from overheating. Also cooking various tasty meals on de woodburner including mackerel caught that day by my neighbour, and spending almost the entire weekend barefoot wearing little more than a pair of cut off combat shorts. Deepest of joy it was, especially when we all stood back and admired the lovely first coat of varnish stuff.

And the best bit (apart from Becky and Ranka being there and revelling in it)?? Due to some royal people getting hitched this friday I get another four days to do it all over again. Except the sanding bit quite so much.
Bet it rains.


Blogger Tim Zim said...

Looking good!

4:49 pm  
Anonymous SweetepeainFrance said...

It does look neat! Madre

9:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's that engine-looking (?) thing mounted just aft of the funnel?

Sydney, Au

6:19 am  
Blogger IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Hi Chris.
It's an engine indeed. That's wendy's original steering engine, a hand start lister 2 cylinder with a hydraulic pack on it. It runs. You may remember this thing hit the blog some time ago, well, I decided against selling it and now there's a vague idea that it may make part of a (noisy) back up generator or... oh, becky doesn't like the idea of a hiab, damn. Anyway I decided against the sell mainly because I couldn't be arsed getting it off the boat, so there it is bolted to some bearers I made for it.
Does this help?

cheers, S

6:40 pm  
Blogger bowiechick said...

It's so pretty!

2:23 am  
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