Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Fiddly bits of Woodwork.

It took a few weekends of careful joinery, some logistical headaches, a little help from my friends and one almighty hangover- but the deckhead is now fully lined in the forward compartment of the hull.
Being me I couldn’t just go to the timber merchants could I? That would be far too dull. Instead this ceiling was made from some extremely knackered old pine floorboards that’ve have been cut down to a new width, planed, thicknessed, and chucked through the router table to make new tongue and grooved edges. That little lot added up to about ten hours of evenings in the workshop and to start with the stock was in such bad condition that I doubted the sanity of going through the process at all. Obviously, I decided to be bloody-minded and carry on and I’m well pleased with the results. Actually getting the ceiling up wasn’t without it’s challenges either but let’s face it, that’s the reason we like doing this sort of thing. The finished lining follows the original sheer and camber of the deck fairly well I reckon, and that was the aim of the game. The scarfed joins in the planks have come up nice too and all she needs now is a bunch of edge beading, the ones visible in the pics are only temporary ‘registration’ beads. The real ones are supposed to be teak or something else dark and contrasty, no doubt I’ll come up with some ridiculous profile that I’ll have to make them all to as well. Back to the workshop I go, luckily I’ve got plenty more crappy looking stock to play with…


Blogger bowiechick said...

Lovely work, as usual!

6:02 am  
Anonymous SweetpeainFrance said...

Lovely and I've seen some of that! MadreinFrance

3:55 pm  
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